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**UPDATE 04.01.21**

Happy New Year from the Tone Junkies

Greetings everyone from 2021!

We really hope your all keeping well.

Usually at this point in the year we're updating our Dates page and asking you lovely people if you'd like us to play for you in your venues, houses, gardens and things like that but unfortunately the dreaded virus situation is still grounding us and lots of other bands and artists alike.

There is light at the end of the tunnel as this WILL improve as time goes on, it's still temporary and our intention is to return as soon as we can and is safe to do so.

We have played as a duo on several occasions over Christmas, and it was so amazing to be doing it. It was different but awesome at the same time to be playing in front of people.

Unfortunatly 2020 was also the first time we've not played a New Year's Eve event, that in itself was strange. Hopefully this year we'll be doing that again.

Sadly we have no more updates for the time being, we have weddings, parties and events in our diary which we will honour unless rules prevent things but as always get in touch if you have any worries or concerns.

Jaie and Nick have been doing livestreams from our Facebook pages usually Fridays/Saturdays and will continue to do these.

Jaie has also been live-streaming from The Cavern and you can catch him live on the Cavern Facebook page every Wednesday from 7pm.

We hope to have an update on how things are progressing in the coming weeks and if anyone needs to contact us regarding gigs, weddings, parties etc then please call Jaie on 07732898252.

Please take care and listen to the advice that is given and we looking forward to getting back on the road and seeing you all as soon as possible.

All the best for 2021 and we wish our friends, family, band friends, and all our venue friends the very best and a healthy new year.

Best wishes Jaie, Nick and Will

As mentioned in the highly respected and popular blog site "Brides Up North"

The article involving us can be found HERE

"Many thanks for being a major part in making my party so special. You were brilliant, everyone said how good you were."

"Watched the Tone Junkies for their entire set. Must admit a very very good band although I couldn't work out which one had the most talent as each one had their moment."